01 July, 2008

red balloon #09

Released: 1st July 2008, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia

Sighted: 3rd July 2008, Melno Park, California, USA

Sighted: 28th July 2008, Glenorchy, NZ
last week when we were out in the mountains doing what is known here as "snow raking" where you tramp a path for sheep who are trapped in the snow to follow so they can come down lower and get out of the solid snow into a better place to be a sheep where you can get something to eat and move around freely. In the photo my Mum, partner and a friend are guding the sheep onto a track we have made that morning so they can follow it out of the snow and get something to eat. It was a beautiful sunny day and the balloon just drifted past us, quite high, as we were stamping around in the snow, bright blue sky and the ground all white, the red balloon was very visible and quite a sight, but it just kept going, it didn't slow or change direction, just drifted on past us and up over the peaks out of sight."

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