15 July, 2008

Other Balloon Projects

This is an amazing project! These guys have been traveling around releasing a bunch of balloons with a camera attached and chasing it on bikes! So you get an aerial view of a city - plus lots of great bike action!


"The Berlin Balloon Project

It was a rainy afternoon in Berlin and our last chance to do The Berlin Balloon Project since Luca (one of the co-founders of The Balloon Project) was leaving the next day. We strapped more than 30 helium balloons to a video camera and sent it up all by itself over the city some few hundred meters. We then proceeded to chase it down with bikes as the rain slowly brought it back to earth.

If you look carefully you can see that our "Message in a Balloon" traveled from East Berlin, over the historic Berlin Wall (at 4:00 minutes (bernauer str), and into freedom in West Berlin."

Chasing it:


Recovering the camera:


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