01 July, 2008

red balloon #78

Released: 15th July 2008, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia

Sighted: 17th July 2008, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
"I was working at home.. stuck on a program i was working on... looking out of the window as i was idling in my thoughts... suddenly i saw a red dot in the sky.. took a closer look and it's a red balloon~! :D I couldn't resist and took a photo of it~ It made me smile and my program was working again after that~ Hurray~!"

Sighted: 17th July 2008, Taikooshing, Hong Kong
"I was travelling to Tibet a while ago, and i heard some local Tibetans said they had seen a UFO. They asked me to go to their village to see it myself. When i got there and i just realised that it was the red balloon. But some local people started to worship the red balloon. can't believe it!"

Sighted: 30th July 2008, Pasadena, California, United States
"This red balloon inspires me a lot. It means "Peace to All". Will this red balloon make a difference throughout the world."

Sighted: 31st July 2008, Irvine, California, USA

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