01 July, 2008

red balloon #22

Released: 1st July 2008, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia

Sighted: 18th July 2008, Chelsea, Vic, Australia
"I was sitting at the beach, in Chelsea Melbourne, when I saw a red dot appear below the clouds. The dot grew larger and I noticed it had a tail as long as the balloon was round. The balloon came just above my head and hovered, temporarily, as I blew it kisses and wished it a safe journey to my friend's home."

Sighted: 18th July 2008, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne
"A friend told me balloon 22 might be heading my way this afternoon. At first I couldn’t see him, but after three separate sets of directions I finally found a good vantage point. He came up from Parliament station and hung around in our building’s lobby for a while. I think he would’ve liked to have checked out what goes on in the Minister’s office, but the security passes need to be pinned on, so it wasn’t really an option. (We will be raising this issue with our equal opportunity reps and the union.) Still, it looked like he made a few friends while he was with us, and after a while they all went floating off towards the Carlton Gardens, discussing various energy saving measures and the difficulties involved in switching appliances off at the wall when you have no arms."

Sighted: 21st July 2008, Crown St, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia

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