01 July, 2008

red balloon #84

Released: 15th July 2008, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia

Sighted: 28th July 2008, Bedford Rd, Ringwood, Melbourne, Australia
"I have just released the red balloon from the childen's bedroom window, it is bouncing around the outside of the house, saying goodbye, kissing the windows, and hovering over the flowering camelia trees, past the beautiful smelling daphne. Finally it floats down our front drive way, past the two bunches of party balloons tied to the front gate. The family of balloons waving goodbye to their little red baby.... and off into the wind down Bedford rd and off into the sky.........."

Sighted: 28th July 2008, Hamburg, Germany
“It arrived in Synarc, Hamburg Germany on a hot sunny summer’s day. Every one was in a good mood as the sun was finally shining. Then out of the window we spotted a red balloon. As if pulled by magic it floated directly into Tamara’s window. As the office mood was great and also that she is a big kid her office started playing with the balloon. 20 minutes went by before they realised, “Hey I should be working!” With one final laugh, the balloon was realised out the same window it came in and floated on to………….”

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