01 July, 2008

red balloon #08

Released: 1st July 2008, Fitzroy, Vic, Australia

Sighted: 2nd July 2008, near Molesworth, Vic, Australia
"Leisurely walking around the farm, trying to soak up some sunshine on a wintery day, we spotted something red just inside one of the paddocks. Heading over to check it out, we quickly realised that it was a balloon. I was interested to find out if a note was attached, perhaps with some indication of the sender. Fully aware that the electric fence could easily zap me, I tentatively tried to reach for the balloon. I stretched as far as I could without quite making contact. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I became aware of massive, muscled and long-horned beasts rapidly heading in my direction. "What a load of bull", I thought. Luckily for me, my ever-protective canine friends were timely in coming to my rescue. Their valiant efforts and vocal bravery reversed the charges immediately. Despite my overwhelming appreciation, these modest superheroes wanted no accolades. They were off searching for a good stick to catch. In all the confusion and activity, the balloon took to the skies again."

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