12 August, 2008

Recent Adventures

Balloon #62 got a bit happy on sake and came to a sad (but very cute) end...

Balloon #38 has been highly active in New Zealand, and took some time to reflect on family history and the olympics.

04 August, 2008

Exhibition Opening

Project Red Balloon had its exhibition opening on Friday August 1st 2008

The 99 original watercolours used for this project were up on the wall, and up for sale. There were also several small oil paintings and two large oil paintings. This website/blogsite was able to be accessed for people to browse through and look at all the responses people have made as the balloons traveled the world. There were also a few funny little videos that will be posted up on the blog shortly.

There was a great crowd all having fun with real red balloons... they drifted around on the floor, getting kicked, tossed and popped all night. A balloon contortionist was there to make balloon animals and he even made a portrait of one girl out of balloons. We're not going to comment on how successful the likeness was!

People were invited to take balloons home and create stories, situations or images with them to send in and be posted on the blog. Hopefully we will see some fun and creative responses.

People were also invited to put down their email address for the second launch of these original cyber-balloons... all of the balloons that were sent out in the original batch that have not yet received any response at all will be re-launched, sent to new people and hopefully start to travel the world!!!

30 July, 2008

Recent Adventures

Balloon #78 made it to Pasadena, California, United States

Balloon #71 was photographed in Sweden

Balloon #79 went the not for profit route

Balloon #9 witnessed some snow raking in Glenorchy

Balloon #84 distracted and entertained a whole office in Germany

Balloon #97 made it to Tel Aviv and seemed to be seeking some beach fun

22 July, 2008

Recent Adventures

Balloon #24 was frolicking in the sky with aeroplanes at Barwon Heads

Balloon #60 was found in a part of town experiencing a rash of tyre deflating incidents... lets hope it quickly moves on to a place more friendly towards air filled objects.

Balloon #79 was slowly drifting to the bottom of an inbox when a random dog and a soccer ball managed to give it a future once more.

Balloon #81 was spotted by a dog walker and some local youths

18 July, 2008

Recent Adventures

Balloon #78 has been sighted and photographed twice! Once in Hong Kong and once in Tibet!!!

Balloon #22 flew through Chelsea for some kisses before journeying on to East Melbourne where the various disadvantages of being a balloon in todays society became apparent.

15 July, 2008

Other Balloon Projects

This is an amazing project! These guys have been traveling around releasing a bunch of balloons with a camera attached and chasing it on bikes! So you get an aerial view of a city - plus lots of great bike action!


"The Berlin Balloon Project

It was a rainy afternoon in Berlin and our last chance to do The Berlin Balloon Project since Luca (one of the co-founders of The Balloon Project) was leaving the next day. We strapped more than 30 helium balloons to a video camera and sent it up all by itself over the city some few hundred meters. We then proceeded to chase it down with bikes as the rain slowly brought it back to earth.

If you look carefully you can see that our "Message in a Balloon" traveled from East Berlin, over the historic Berlin Wall (at 4:00 minutes (bernauer str), and into freedom in West Berlin."

Chasing it:


Recovering the camera: